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The Voice of Business.

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Government Relations and Advocacy

The voice of the business community

A priority for the Trent Hills Chamber of Commerce is identifying issues and challenges that affect the business community, and seeking opportunities to address these challenges with all three levels of government. The Government Relations and Advocacy committee is tasked with ensuring the voice of the business community is heard.

  1. Member Feedback: Participate in online surveys, in-person visits, email communications or a special task force meeting to share what is happening in your business.
  2. Chamber Network: Your membership investment enables the THCC to be a member of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce and Canadian Chamber of Commerce.  This is a powerful resource for advocacy efforts at the provincial and federal levels of government. Members are encouraged to participate in their surveys to ensure the voice of Trent Hills is heard.
  3. Government Representative Meetings: Members only meetings with the Mayor, MPP and MP are valuable opportunities to speak about what is on your mind as a business owner/manager in Trent Hills.  The Q & A format provides an opportunity for informative and intersting dialogue between members and elected officials. These meetings are a exclusive for members, with no media present.
  4. All Candidate Meetings:  The THCC organizes Candidate meetings for municipal, provincial and federal elections. The purpose is to raise awareness about the concerns and needs of the business community, while providing a service to the community.