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You’ll find it all here in Trent Hills

Trent Hills Buy Smart Buy Local

Stay Safe

Make a "Stay Safe" purchase and you could Win a Gift Certificate from a participating Business:

50 Prizes
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$25 or More in Gift certificates to participating Businesses

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Gift Certificates to the Trent Hills Businesses of your Choosing

*Prizes may not be transferred, used for prior purchases, or redeemed for cash.  Official Contest Rules. 

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Where you shop matters. Did you know that at least one-third of revenue generated from our small, locally-owned businesses is recirculated directly back into Trent Hills? Now, more than ever, local businesses need your support as they work to recover from the economic impact of COVID-19.

Shop and Share

Wondering how you can help?

Learn more about our vibrant business community, by browsing our ‘Open for Business’ Directory and following our Buy Smart, Buy Local Facebook and Instagram pages.

Make a make a Stay Safe purchase at a participating shop, restaurant, or service in Trent Hills. Services or goods must be pick up, take-out or delivery.

If your purchase has a gold-prize ticket, you are the lucky winner of a $25 gift certificate. Contact the Chamber to claim your prize.

But wait, there’s more!

Thank You for Making a Difference Sweepstakes

Are you passionate about Trent Hills?  Love to share stories, local experiences and make recommendations? Turn your ambassador skills into a chance to win prizes! 

14 Weekly Prizes – $25 Gift Certificates

Grand Prize: $1,000 Trent Hills Shopping Spree 

Gift Certificates of your choosing

Thank you for making a difference!  We are inviting locals to ‘Rediscover’ Trent Hills and need your help!  Submit your 25-word testimonial why you support local business as an entry into the weekly draws for a chance to win a $25 gift certificate from a business of your choosing and receive an entry into the Grand Prize $1,000 Trent Hills Shopping Spree. 

Contest period January 8 through to March 21. One entry per week per household.

Where you shop matters!

We all shop local to some extent, but could we each do a little more?

Before going online to purchase from a large e-tailer or driving out of town to a Big Box store, pause and ask yourself, is this something I could buy locally?

Thank you for making a difference!

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This year we are inviting locals to ‘rediscover’ Trent Hills and we need your help!

Many residents are staying close to home this year and want to find new ways to appreciate, as well as support our communities. There are also responsible and respectful visitors who are interested in learning about all that our area has to offer. Trent Hills Ambassadors play an active role in promoting local businesses, as well as sharing our community pride with residents and visitors.

As a business owner, you are the face of Trent Hills, connecting with many people on a daily basis — both online and in-person. These interactions go a long way in creating a positive and memorable experience for all. Ambassadors provide helpful information on local shops, restaurants and services, directions and locations, as well as the benefits of buying local — all with a warm and friendly tone.

As a resident, you live, work and play here in Trent Hills, with a unique connection to the area. You are an important voice in promoting and contributing to the story of Trent Hills. By sharing your experiences, unique finds and recommendations, you inspire other residents and visitors to do the same.

There are so many ways to help. Perhaps share a local story, experience or safe activity? Recommend take-out from a favourite restaurant? Or a local shop with unique items? A service provider who regularly exceeds expectations? Write a positive review on social media or Google? These ‘little’ things go a long way in helping our local business community recover from the economic impact of COVID-19, as well as continue to thrive in the future.

A new Trent Hills Ambassador Program will soon be available online and is open to local residents and business owners in all sectors: tourism, hospitality, retail or service-based businesses. It is important that participants have knowledge of all three communities and what each has to offer. Upon completion, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion, as well as a digital ‘Trent Hills Ambassador’ badge that can be displayed on your website or social media accounts. The online workshop will include the following topics:

• Role of a Trent Hills Ambassador
• COVID-19 safety protocols
• Creating a positive and lasting impression
• Providing a memorable experience
• Local and visitor profiles

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