A new benefit to membership are the new Lunch ‘n’ Learn series launched last month. These low-cost, high-impact training sessions have turned out to be very popular. Laurie Anne King Photography was our first presenter, sharing some great tips on how to use your phone to take portraits. She taught us how the right lighting, a slight chin tilt, subject placement, or a camera setting can transform your images from average to amazing. After we tackled still photography, we turned our attention to creating videos with the help of special presenter Christine Althouse. She’s developed her video skills through her Bootcamp video series, and was willing to share her knowledge so we can create videos that are both easy and effective. She encouraged participants to not worry about getting it right the first time, just get started. Sharing that you’ll make mistakes and get better the more you practise.

The Lunch ‘n Learn series will continue in the new year, remaining at no cost for Members.
As the year winds down I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my fellow board members Adrianne, Dennis, Janice, Joanna, Rachel, Arif and Eric. They have each brought a unique set of skills to the board, committing their time and energy, along with a great attitude for the betterment of the business community of Trent Hills. It has been both a productive and fun year! Looking forward to 2020 and welcoming Fern Julia back to the board after a leave of absence.

On that note, wishing each and everyone one of you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Prosperous and Safe New Year! – Lori Schuett, Chair