Chambers of Commerce partnership to deliver regional and hyper local campaigns to promote and market business community.

Media Release – October 8, 2021.

It’s ALL Right Here

The Brighton-Cramahe, Northumberland Central, Port Hope & District and Trent Hills Chambers of Commerce, collectively known as “Chambers Northumberland”, today announced a county-wide marketing initiative designed to boost local consumer spending and cross promote regional identities within Northumberland County. The campaign slogan “It’s ALL Right Here” speaks directly to the local consumer market, highlighting  the rich offerings of Northumberland County.

Our county is bursting with incredible people doing wonderful things – providing a wealth of consumer experiences for procuring both necessities and luxuries,” observed Nancy Allanson, Executive Director of the Trent Hills Chamber of Commerce. “We welcome everyone here and pride ourselves on inclusivity” she added, “the jurisdictions of the four partnering Chambers of Commerce are each unique on a regional level, and all of the towns, villages and rural areas of Northumberland County are host to an amazing variety of shops, restaurants, services, makers, growers, producers and service providers.”

The multimedia campaign will feature clear, positive and consistent messaging across the county with a series of complimentary hyper-local support campaigns implemented by the individual Chambers of Commerce to focus on specific community initiatives and offerings. It’s essential to recognize that choosing local goods and services is mutually beneficial for businesses and consumers. Businesses benefit in that they can grow and prosper, which in turn allows them to give back to the community by providing great products and services, creating employment, spending money and supporting local programs. For consumers, shopping locally is a convenient, personalized experience that keeps our local economy strong and our communities thriving.

This impactful campaign is made possible through partnerships with the Federal Government of Canada, the Ontario Chamber of Commerce, the Province of Ontario and Kawarthas Northumberland RTO8. 


Chambers Northumberland is a collaborative partnership between the four Northumberland County Chambers of Commerce. While the Brighton-Cramahe, Northumberland Central, Port Hope & District and Trent Hills Chambers of Commerce each have their own geographic jurisdiction and operate as independent entities, Chambers Northumberland is a symbiotic partnership that facilitates broader reach and a unified voice of business on county-wide matters.