As we head into summer I encourage you to think about your role as a Trent Hills Ambassador. Every business (and resident) has the opportunity to play a role in welcoming visitors to our area. It could be the excellent customer service you provide, the visitor experiences you offer, or the promotion of things to do and places to see. We recently piloted a Trent Hills Tourism Ambassador Workshop, a combination of customer service basics and expanding your knowledge about what there is to do and see in the area. Did you know there are 19 food places in Trent Hills where you can sit outside and enjoy a meal or treat? Who knew! Check out Page 2 of the newsletter to find out how to enhance your role as a tourism ambassador or become an official ambassador by joining one of our workshops.

We have also included an update on the Trent Severn Trail Town to learn how businesses along the waterway could participate in this initiative. We recently learned that we will have landing pages on the website from the regional Kawarthas Northumberland page. This is significant – it means that visitors interested in learning more about Trail Town will see everything there is to do in Trent Hills – a great way an initiative like this can benefit the entire community.

This summer we will be hosting a “Rise and Shine” workshop series led by Chamber Staff to learn about social media, membership benefits and the support and resources available for businesses. The first one is Tuesday, July 9, 8 am to 8:45, Facebook Business for Beginners. Go to page 3 for more information.
All the best for a fantastic summer season! – Lori Schuett, Chair