Planning a Grand Opening or Open House?

Grand openings and open house events mark significant milestones for businesses, providing opportunities to connect with the community and make a lasting impression.

Planning a Grand Opening or Open House?

Grand openings and open house events are pivotal moments for any business or organization. They are an opportunity to showcase your brand, connect with your community, and establish a strong presence in your market. However, hosting a successful event requires careful planning and execution. Let us know about your plans so we can help support your event in the following ways:

  1. We will extend formal invitations to local dignitaries, such as municipal council members, the mayor, business associations, and other government officials. (Note: We typically need at least two weeks’ notice for attendees.)
  2. We will supply the iconic oversized scissors traditionally used for ribbon-cutting ceremonies, adding a touch of ceremony and significance to the event.
  3. We will share your grand opening or open house event announcement on our social media channels.
  4. We will share the event information in our e-newsletter to reach fellow Chamber members.
  5. We are happy to share best practices and event planning tips to ensure a smooth and impactful event experience.
  6. A Chamber representative will attend the event to offer support and foster connections between the business hosting the event and the broader community.
  7. We will share a congratulatory post after the event on our social media.

Here are some other things to consider to plan a grand opening or open house.

What are Your Objectives?

Before diving into the logistics, it’s crucial to define your goals for the event. Are you aiming to attract new customers, build relationships with the community, generate buzz for a new product or service, or all of the above? Clearly outlining your objectives will help guide your planning process.


Choose a date and time that maximizes attendance and visibility. Consider factors such as local events, holidays, and the availability of participants like local dignitaries and Chamber representatives. Weekends or evenings tend to be popular choices for grand openings as they accommodate the schedules of working professionals and families. However, local dignitaries will be more available on a weekday if you would like them to attend a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Some businesses plan a ribbon-cutting ceremony on a different day from their grand opening to the public.


Whether it’s your business location, a rented event space, or an outdoor area, make sure there is parking, accessibility, and facilities for your guests. If you’re partnering with the THCC, we can provide support in finding an appropriate venue and promoting the event to our network.


Create an eye-catching invitation that communicates the excitement of your grand opening or open house. Include essential details such as the date, time, location, and RSVP instructions. Personalize the invitations and use the chamber’s network to ensure broad distribution and high attendance. 


Make your event memorable by planning interactive activities or entertainment. Consider offering product demonstrations, guided tours, tastings, or exclusive discounts for attendees. Additionally, a ribbon-cutting ceremony with the Chamber’s giant scissors, attended by local dignitaries arranged through the THCC, can add a sense of prestige and significance to your event.

Promote the Event

Promote your grand opening or open house through a variety of channels to maximize reach and attendance. Leverage your social media platforms, email marketing, local radio and publications, and community bulletin boards to spread the word. The THCC can share the event in our e-newsletter to the Chamber community and our social media platforms.

Prepare for the Big Day

As the event approaches, ensure that all logistical details are ironed out. Coordinate with vendors, staff, and volunteers to set up the space, arrange signage, and finalize any catering or entertainment arrangements. Conduct a walkthrough of the space to address any last-minute concerns.

Mingle with your Guests

During the event, focus on making meaningful connections with your guests. Welcome them warmly, introduce them to your team, and encourage them to explore your offerings. Collect feedback and contact information from guests to follow up with them post-event and nurture ongoing relationships.

Follow Up and Reflect

After the event, take the time to evaluate its success against your initial goals. Review attendance numbers, feedback, and anything else that measures the impact of your grand opening or open house. Follow up with attendees to thank them for their participation and continue building rapport with potential customers and community partners.

In conclusion, planning a grand opening or open house requires careful attention to detail, creative thinking, and strategic collaboration. By following these steps and leveraging the support of organizations like the THCC, you can host a memorable event that sets the stage for future success. So, grab those giant scissors, prepare to cut the ribbon, and let your brand shine as you welcome your community with open arms!



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